About Fund a Need

Each year The Board of Visitors selects an area within Children’s National that has a direct need to fund via a raise the paddle during the Live portion of our auction. This year our Fund a Need will raise funds to support transformative treatments for children with epilepsy.

Transforming Care for Children with Epilepsy

Sparked by altered electrical activity in the brain, seizures can be scary for a child and frightening for a parent to see.  Epilepsy, a common seizure disorder in children and adults, has consequences that are life-altering for families and impact a child’s ability to learn and play.  Epilepsy can devastate a child’s mental health.

At Children’s National, our internationally respected team offers a full range of treatments for epilepsy including neurosurgery.  One of their most exciting projects in development applies groundbreaking imaging technology to more precisely pinpoint the origins of a child’s seizures. This innovative use of new technology dramatically improves a neurosurgeon’s accuracy and enables care teams to identify more children who will benefit from surgical treatment and enjoy freedom from the tyranny of unprovoked and unpredictable seizures.

Gifts received from this year’s A Vintage Affair Fund-A-Need will accelerate the incorporation of new technology in the treatment of children dealing with epilepsy.  Contributions will ensure that our internationally respected epilepsy team at Children’s National is able to ease the devastating impact of epilepsy in a child’s day-to-day life and provide every opportunity for them to reach their full potential.