Interested in Becoming a Member of The Board of Visitors?

Our membership is made up of exceptional women who are dedicated to preserving the vital role that Children’s National Medical Center (Children’s National) plays in our community. That is, providing the best health care staff, services and technology for EVERY child who enters its doors.

A typical member of the Board of Visitors (BOV) is anything but typical. We have women with full time jobs, part-time consultants, retired professionals and others who choose not to be employed. The BOV is made up of moms with toddlers, moms with young adults, grandmothers and members with no children. We live in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Some of our members have had their relatives’, colleagues’, neighbors’ or their own children treated at the Hospital, while others were simply attracted to the Hospital because it touches so many lives.

However, we do share some common characteristics: we are hardworking; resourceful; understanding; and compassionate. At the end of the day, we make it a priority to give our time, resources, energy and spirit to the worthy Children’s National so we can make a difference in a sick or injured child’s life.

About the Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors has been a vital force since the hospital’s founding. In 1870, twenty women pledged their time and energy to help furnish and support the District of Columbia’s original Children’s Hospital.  Those founding Board of Visitors members brought in 12 cribs, infant bedding, and towels to the hospital’s first location.  Today, the BOV contributes to Children’s National through volunteer service, ongoing fundraising initiatives, and its Annual Grants and Major Gift Programs. All funds raised by the BOV are given directly to Children’s National through its Annual Grants and Major Gift Programs.  To date, the BOV has provided grants and major gifts totaling $16 million that have contributed to research, patient life improvements, family support, medical equipment, and professional development.

Our Annual Grants Program, like Children’s National’s patients, is remarkably diverse. From funding for lab and clinical equipment to toys and costumes for patients, no grant is too big or too small.

The BOV’s major gifts have supported many important hospital initiatives over the years, including: Cancer Immunotherapy, Seacrest Studios, a Simulation Learning Center and Program, a Cerebral Palsey Prevention Program, and Get Well networks.

The majority of money that we raise comes from fundraising events which are exclusively-administered by the Board of Visitors.

A Vintage Affair, which began in 1996, is an annual culinary and wine gala. Guests enjoy an evening of delicious food, fine wine tasting, along with silent and live auctions.

How to Become a Member?

You must attend two meetings to be considered for membership as well as have two proposers who are BOV active members.  To find out more,  please contact Kate Mulcahy, President, at

A General Overview of the Board of Visitors’ Member Requirements:

  • Attend monthly board meetings from September to June at the Hospital;
  • Actively participate our Vintage fundraiser and serve on a committee
    (such as annual grants, membership, etc.);
  • Pay annual membership dues; and
  • Contribute financially to our fundraisers.

“I’ve been on several philanthropic boards but nothing like this one. This is an amazing group of bright and energized women who can roll up their sleeves, get to work and accomplish anything we set out to do. I have so much respect and admiration for our dedicated Board who, simply put, make things happen.”  —  Sandy, member from 1985 to 2019